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District of Hudson's Hope

Provincial Apprenticeship Training Credits

Provincial Government

There are three types of training tax credits: Basic credit for the first 24 months of non-Red Seal programs Completion credit for level 3 or level 4 for both Red Seal and non-Red Seal programs Enhanced credit for First Nations individuals and persons with disabilities


The training tax credit amount is calculated based on the amount of eligible salary and wages you pay to an eligible employee during the eligible period.

Application Period

Not specified

Eligible Applicants

Sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations


You're eligible to claim the training tax credit if you're subject to B.C. income tax for the taxation year that the credit is being claimed. You're subject to B.C. income tax if you are either: 

  • A resident in B.C. on the last day of the taxation year, or 

  • A corporation that maintained a permanent establishment in B.C. at any time in the taxation year 

Employees must be employed in a position that is: 

  • In a business carried on in B.C. during the taxation year, and 

  • Related to the program they are registered in through SkilledTradesBC

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