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Economic Support & Resources

District of Hudson's Hope

Northern Industries Innovative Fund (NIIF)

Northern Development Initiative Trust

The Northern Industries Innovation Fund (NIIF) program provides incremental funding to support innovation projects that increase the competitiveness of local businesses in traditional industries across Northern B.C. The program is also intended to support economic diversification and/or viability of businesses to mitigate the economic impact of the pine beetle epidemic. NIIF supports applied research and development, new or improved products and services, and testing of innovative equipment or technologies to support capital investment decisions.


Up to $50,000 in rebate funding to a maximum of 50% of the total project budget. The applicant must contribute a minimum 10% of the project budget.

Application Period


Eligible Applicants

Small and medium-sized businesses.

Eligible Industries
  • Aquaculture 

  • Agriculture 

  • Energy 

  • Forestry 

  • Transportation 

  • High Tech 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Mining 

  • Oil & Gas 

  • Industrial Supply Chain 

Eligible Businesses
  • Privately Owned 

  • Incorporated 

  • Less Than 500 Employees 

  • Revenues Less Than 10 million 

  • Registered Non-Profit Engaged in industrial Activities 

  • Post-secondary institutions working with a private sector partner or an applied research project with private sector implications 

  • Community Contribution companies

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