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Economic Support & Resources

District of Hudson's Hope

Main Street Revitalization - Recreation Infrastructure

Northern Development Initiative Trust

The Recreation Infrastructure program supports community efforts to create and support recreational infrastructure, such as arenas, gymnasiums, golf courses, fields, boat launches, and others, to encourage resident attraction and retention while also increasing opportunities for sport tourism. This program is set up to support new construction projects or upgrades and repairs to existing facilities.


Up to $100,000 grant to a maximum of 70% of the eligible project budget; or Up to $300,000 grant to a maximum of 50% of the eligible project budget.

Application Period

July 31, 2024

Eligible Applicants
  • Local governments 

  • Registered not-for-profits 

  • Registered First Nation bands 

  • Wholly owned First Nation development corporations

Eligible Projects
  • The types of projects that may be eligible include, but are not limited to: Arenas, gymnasiums & fitness facilities 

  • Indoor/outdoor pools 

  • Sports fields 

  • Curling rinks 

  • Stadiums 

  • Golf courses 

  • Exhibition/rodeo grounds 

  • Campgrounds 

  • Marinas, boat launches 

  • Backcountry trail networks, ski facilities, and backcountry cabins/shelters 

Eligible Costs
  • Capital expenditures considered to be direct and necessary for the successful implementation of an eligible project 

  • Contractor fees 

  • Incremental third-party project management 

  • Rental of tools and equipment for construction work 

  • Wages for direct project labour

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