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District of Hudson's Hope
Tourism And Summer Events

Project Assistance: Professional Arts Festival

BC Arts Council

Project Assistance: Professional Arts Festivals supports eligible organizations and arts or curatorial collectives in the development, enrichment, and creation of new or unique public programming through a specific project, component, or programming initiative within an existing festival. A festival is an event that includes related arts and cultural activities and programming presented over a continuous period of more than one day. Grants received through this program are intended to encourage specific art forms or practices, increase the availability of arts in the community, and support the artistic programming of festivals.


Up to $25,000

Application Period

May 2023, 2024

Eligible Applicants

Review the Program Guidelines to learn about: 

  • How to apply 

  • Who can apply 

  • Eligible projects and expenses 

  • Exclusions 

  • Grant amounts (requests up to $25,000) 

  • What is needed for the application, including support material How applications will be assessed

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