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District of Hudson's Hope
Climate And Sustainability

BC Tourism Climate Resilience Initiative (BCTCRI) - Project 3: Sustainability And Climate Adaptation Data Framework

Destination BC

Project Three was designed to develop and implement a sustainability and climate adaptation data framework that encourages industry alignment with policies and practices, common metrics, and data collection methods in the areas of sustainability and climate adaptation. 

A Working Group has been established to develop the data framework and guide implementation. The process they are using includes: 

  • an exploratory sample inventory of organizations offering sustainability and climate adaptation data, measures, and programs that currently exist internationally, nationally, and within BC; 

  • a globally recognized performance measurement process to develop a set of key quantifiable measures; and 

  • workshop discussions and engagement with partners and experts. 

Further information on Project 3 will be provided once the Working Group has finalized the data framework and moves into implementation.


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