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Economic Support & Resources

District of Hudson's Hope

Main Street Revitalization - Capital Program

Northern Development Initiative Trust

The Main Street Revitalization – Capital program provides local governments and First Nation bands with grant funding to complete strategic public investments in public infrastructure within a community’s downtown/main street area. These projects encourage private sector investment and create a healthy and economically vibrant area for businesses, residents, and tourists.


Up to $200,000 to a maximum of 70% of the project budget. Lifetime maximum of $500,000 per community.

Application Period

July 31, 2024

Eligible Applicants
  • Local Governments

  • Registered First Nations Bands

Eligible Projects
  • Streetscape improvements (sidewalk surfacing, street trees, landscaping, etc.) 

  • Lighting improvements 

  • Gateway and wayfinding signage 

  • Pedestrian and cycle enhancements 

  • Street furniture 

  • Construction of covered walkway 


This project must be aligned with an existing downtown/main street revitalization plan.

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