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Economic Support & Resources

District of Hudson's Hope
Regional Funding

Health Related Services Grant In-Aid

Peace River Regional District

Funding is available for eligible not-for-profit societies which support and/or provide services, programs or projects that enhance the quality and availability of various health-related services in the region. 

Please submit applications 


Not specified

Application Period

December 31, 2024

Eligible Applicants

Not specified

Eligible categories include: 
  • Air Ambulance Services – must have an agreement with BC Ambulance 

  • Accommodation Services intended for patients and family members who are receiving health care services. 

  • Recruitment and Retention Services intended to attract and retain health care professionals to work and remain in the PRRD. 

  • Other Health-Related Services that demonstratively and directly enhance the quality and availability of health care in the PRRD. Creation of new employment positions 

  • Skills training for current employees

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