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District of Hudson's Hope
Community Development

Decorative Wrap Program

BC Hydro

Our Decorative Wrap Grant Program provides financial assistance to municipal governments, regional districts and First Nations communities looking to improve the visual aesthetics of a neighbourhood by installing decorative wraps on BC Hydro-owned pad-mounted equipment boxes


$350 or $700 per unit, depending on the size of the equipment box to be wrapped.

Application Period

The application closing date for each year is September 30.

Eligible Applicants

Municipal governments, regional districts, and First Nations communities.


The program is intended to support community based projects, and is open to all municipal governments and First Nations. Grants are to be applied for, and made directly to the municipality, regional district of band office.

Decorative wraps can be added to help:

  • Improve the overall aesthetics of a neighbourhood

  • Promote public art

  • Discourage graffiti

Applicants may complete the project in any way they choose, but must be signatory to and recipient of the grant. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications for projects that:

  • Aren't in our service territory

  • Are already underway

  • Benefit an individual, private organization, or company

  • Are used for commercial purposes

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