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Economic Support & Resources

District of Hudson's Hope

Community Agriculture Grant

Peavey Mart

Our Community Agriculture Grant awards funds to projects dedicated to innovative community-building and agriculturally focused initiatives that will help strengthen local areas, towns, or cities. Each year this grant will award up to a total of $100,000 to registered non-profit organizations or groups of individuals that have recognized a need and then organized, developed, and communicated a strategy to achieve their vision.


Up to $100,000

Application Period

The Community Agriculture Grant will accept applications starting on March 1st, 2024. The application deadline is May 31st, 2024, by 11:59 pm. Applications received after this date will NOT be accepted. Starting June 1st, the grant committee will begin reviewing the applications. This process can take anywhere from 12-20 weeks, depending upon the number of applications received. Our goal is to finalize and announce our finalists to the public no later than October 31st. Funds are typically dispersed within three weeks of this announcement.

Eligible Applicants
  • Registered Non-Profit

  • Groups of individuals


The applicant/project must operate within 350 km from a Peavey Industries location (Ace Canada, Main Street Hardware, Peavey Mart) Be a registered charity under the Canada Revenue Agency with valid registration numbers or a registered non-profit organization under their provincial government with proof of registration (e.g., letters of incorporation) Be available and accessible for community use. Agree to participate in a public grant presentation, social media, and online promotion. The grant will NOT be awarded to individuals, businesses, or government entities. The Community Agriculture Grant is NOT designed to support the following: 

  • New infrastructure (e.g., playgrounds, arenas, barns) 

  • Projects that will take more than two (2) years to complete 

  • Deficit funding 

  • Contributions to endowments 

  • Faith-based programs 

  • Funds primarily benefiting individuals (such as scholarships) 


Applications must be completed in full to be considered for the grant. A successful applicant may or may not be granted the total funding amount requested. Applicants undertake that all information is accurate to the best of their knowledge. Present your project clearly and concisely. Community benefits should be specific. Letters of support can be included. Up to $100,000 may be provided by the grant to any successful applicant. The grant administrators may contact persons included or referenced in this application. Each application will be evaluated holistically on its own merits, considering whether the applicant has demonstrated the following: 

  • Benefits to your community or region 

  • An appropriate plan, including a budget and timeline for completion. 

  • A demonstrated/described capacity to implement/undertake the project or program. 

  • A plan for the sustainability of the project (if applicable), impact, and organizational capacity 

Application Requirements 
  • Executive Summary 

  • Explanation of the Project Benefits 

  • Financial Overview and Budget 

  • Community Profile 

  • Project Phases (if applicable) 

  • Completed video 

  • Include other supporting material, if desired.

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