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District of Hudson's Hope
Green Infrastructure

Building Retrofits Initiative - Sofiac Retrofits

Canada Infrastructure Bank

Inefficient energy use in large buildings is a major source of greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions. Retrofits can significantly reduce GHGs and owner operating expenses, contributing to Canada’s transition to a low-carbon future. Our investment takes the form of a long-term, fully repayable loan. It allows building owners with minimum annual energy expenses of $1 million to see potential energy savings of 25% to 40%. They can leverage SOFIAC’s technical and financial resources to develop and implement retrofit projects. The goals are to optimize building energy performance and reduce carbon footprints, without requiring upfront investment or internal resources.



Application Period


Eligible Applicants

Public Sector 

Private Sector


Public sector 

  • All levels of government, Indigenous communities, schools, hospitals, and universities 

  • All types of buildings and infrastructure, including administrative offices, courthouses, correctional facilities, hospitals, campus buildings, parking facilities, transit facilities, streets and highways lighting, etc. 

Private sector 

  • Privately owned commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings 

  • Eligible assets including real estate investment trusts (REITs), investment trusts, retail chains, corporations, etc.

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