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District of Hudson's Hope
Green Infrastructure

Building Retrofits Initiative - Noventa Energy Retrofits

Canada Infrastructure Bank

Noventa’s Energy-as-a-Service model will help building owners manage capital and operating costs of upgrades. The investment is part of our Building Retrofits Initiative (BRI), which provides long-term investment solutions focused on upgrades which modernize and improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.



Application Period


Eligible Applicants

Public Sector 

Private Sector


Public sector 

  • All levels of government, Indigenous communities, schools, hospitals, and universities 

  • All types of buildings and infrastructure, including administrative offices, courthouses, correctional facilities, hospitals, campus buildings, parking facilities, transit facilities, streets and highways lighting, etc. 

Private sector 

  • Privately owned commercial, industrial, and multi-unit residential buildings 

  • Eligible assets including real estate investment trusts (REITs), investment trusts, retail chains, corporations, etc.

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