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District of Hudson's Hope
Climate And Sustainability

BC Tourism Climate Resilience Initiative (BCTCRI) - Project 4: Community Destination Stewardship Initiative

Destination BC

Project four is designed to establish a provincial network across BC, enhancing the management of climate resiliency and sustainability within community destinations and the broader tourism industry. The program offers comprehensive learning opportunities through workshops, discussions, and other engaging formats, providing communities with essential knowledge and tools. It emphasizes peer-to-peer engagement and the sharing of successes and learnings to promote collaborative growth. 

Additionally, Project 4 facilitates connections to available resources, programs, and initiatives that support sustainable business practices and encourage community engagement.

This initiative seeks to advance the sustainable development of BC’s tourism industry by offering educational opportunities and facilitating peer connections and discussions. It equips communities with the capabilities to adopt and implement sustainable tourism practices, support partners and local businesses in responding to climate emergencies and preparedness, and reducing the impacts of extreme weather events and long-term climate impacts. 


Project 4 does not come with a cash incentive or funding, but is instead workshop-based and can be in conjunction with projects One and Two.

Application Period

Not specified

Eligible Applicants

Not specified

Eligible Participants
  • Any community or community organization that manages visitors as a destination

  • BC-based Community Destination Management Organizations (CDMOs)

  • Municipal government staff

  • First Nations and First Nation Economic Development Corporations

  • Communities with any level of experience in managing climate change resiliency, adaptation, mitigation, or sustainability in tourism are encouraged to participate, regardless of their experience level

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